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Taking a Revenge...(A lot to read)

Stryker is the vampire who fed on Turlus, a pack member and Bog's blood sister, Bog searched Stryker in Toxia for a long time, telling everyone he will make Stryker pay for his action against Turlus...He finally found him in Toxia...

Stryker Galaxy: "Bog..."

Nivea Vuckovic smiles wiping off her bloody neck 'Hey Boggy

Bogac Aeghin coming near Niv, notices the vampire he is searching for some time "Yeah, Bog, your angel of death!"

Stryker Galaxy sighs, "Not gonna let that go are ya...it's a done deal"

Nivea Vuckovic sights and looks at both 'Whats going on'

Bogac Aeghin: "You will pay for that ear you cut from Turlus!", he growls

Stryker Galaxy shakes his head, "It could have been a lot worse...that pain is nothing like the pain she caused" he scowls

Nivea Vuckovic opens her eyes in shock and looks at Stryker 'Cut? Wait what? WHat you did??

Stryker Galaxy: "...and that pain heals" he adds, a bitter look on his face, he waves off Niv "settled a debt...that's all..."

Bogac Aeghin, his hands on his hips, starts to walk back and forth threateningly, agitated and angry "Did you really think, that you could get away with it? Cutting my blood sister's ear, and go easily? And what are you talking about? What the fuck pain she caused to you? She is really harmless without someone stepping on her tail!"

Stryker Galaxy scowls "Blood sister? When my arrangement with her was struck, you weren't even in the picture, kinship or no...she gave herself willingly, and I treated her with great respect...the betrayal I faced when she joined you was pure insolence" he shouts, pacing himself as he matched the larger wolf's threatening paces.

Tanpopo Demonia sneaks up behind Stryker and pokes him in the ribs."Boo."

Stryker Galaxy waves the smaller vampire female off "Not a good time Tan..." he says threateningly.

Tanpopo Demonia pouted "I see how it is...." she waved him off before moving on.

Neverliska Klossovsky flicks her tail as she scents Bog nearby and looks down over the railing and wags her tail slightly before leaning on the railing to watch whatever was going on

Bogac Aeghin continues to walk back and forth, trying to find a distracted moment of him, "This way or other way, she is now from the pack, and when you do something against one of us, you do it against all of us, that's our rule, and now, you will see that!", growls again and attempts to punch him from his belly

DCS2 2.45.2: Bogac Aeghin rolls a magic dice: 1
DCS2 2.45.2: Stryker Galaxy rolls a magic dice: 2

Stryker Galaxy steps forward to quickly, the powerful blow of the wolf grazing his ribs as he closes the distance between them with surprising speed.

DCS2 2.45.2: Stryker Galaxy rolls a magic dice: 2
DCS2 2.45.2: Bogac Aeghin rolls a magic dice: 1

Stryker Galaxy reaches up with a quick elbow, attempting to brush the wolf back as he follows through with his strike.

Nivea Vuckovic steps back shocked by the whole situation 'Whoa guys im sure we can settle this more calmly'
Neverliska Klossovsky flicks her ears and growls quietly as she watches the males exchange blows.

Bogac Aeghin nearly falls on the ground with his quick move, tries to turn at his right again, gets elbowed without seeing what he does, rolls on the floor, a with a little pain at his ribs, stretches his legs, tries to hit at his chest with his head, throwing himself on him, aiming the chest

DCS2 2.45.2: Bogac Aeghin rolls a magic dice: 2
DCS2 2.45.2: Stryker Galaxy rolls a magic dice: 0

Nivea Vuckovic watches the rumble between then not knowing what to do

Stryker Galaxy ignores Nivea's plea as he wheels around on the wolf, forcing him back with the elbow. He scrambles for balance when suddenly the wind is driven from his chest, the wolf's powerful head slamming into his chest. He feels his head smack loudly against the ground, clawing at the large beast with razor claws, trying to unseat him from above.

DCS2 2.45.2: Bogac Aeghin rolls a magic dice: 0
DCS2 2.45.2: Stryker Galaxy rolls a magic dice: 3

Neverliska Klossovsky flicks her tail as she watches them, her eyes narrowed redy to jump down and help her brother if needed, which she doubted she would end up doing.

Stryker Galaxy catches him under the arm, rolling with the momentum of the wild blow to throw the wolf to the side. He scrambles to a knee, searching for balance as he spits a bit "This is senseless...she chose her own actions...she knew the price...enough already" he growls.

 Bogac Aeghin after hitting the dreadful vampire, lands on him, he tries to get rid of his claws, trying to hold his arms on the ground, but he can not, he feels his razor claws in his belly, and chest, his face changes with the expression of the blend of anger and pain, pulls out his claws and attempts to cut his ear of from him, as a payment he can bring to Turlus, when he gets thrown away from the vampire, after the vampire rolls

DCS2 2.45.2: Bogac Aeghin rolls a magic dice: 4
DCS2 2.45.2: Stryker Galaxy rolls a magic dice: 5

Neverliska Klossovsky looks up a bit as she realizes who Bog was fighting after she watched him go after the vamp's ear and giggles, wagging her tail as she hoped he go the ear.

Stryker Galaxy detects the flurry of movement as the wolf slashes wild claws at him. The razor nails whisper violently past his ear, slicing a small tear as the blood trickles down his neck. He dives forward, fangs bared, attempting to strangle the wolf about the neck as he forces his full weight upon the larger foe

DCS2 2.45.2: Stryker Galaxy rolls a magic dice: 0
DCS2 2.45.2: Bogac Aeghin rolls a magic dice: 5

Neverliska Klossovsky looks down and spots Shaynee and grins as she hooks her paw on the railing and jumps down behind her, her claws going to her sides as she tried to tickle her from behind before she could do anything about it.

Shaynee Xi jumps and turns with a grin "Hi there" she tilts her head a little as she is sure its Nev but never seen her so purplely she goes back to remaining silent though to watch the going ons of the two in front of her

Bogac Aeghin feels a little better with the blood trickling down his neck from his ear, noticing his mouth open wide, and his fangs shining, he can easily think about his next move, but with the distraction of the moment, and with his quick move, he gets a scratch on his neck by the fangs, just before he throws himselfto his back and right, attempting to hold him from his head, and attempting to sink his claws in his eyes

Neverliska Klossovsky giggles and wags her tail as she steps up behind her and rests her chin on Shay's shoulder, watching also, sure her brother would win.

DCS2 2.45.2: Bogac Aeghin rolls a magic dice: 1
DCS2 2.45.2: Stryker Galaxy rolls a magic dice: 0

Nivea Vuckovic screams out 'Stop it! Knock it off now!'

Neverliska Klossovsky shifts her head slightly on Shay's shoulder to look over at the woman and growls. "I don't see you fighting, it's them. Stay out of it."

Shaynee Xi shakes her head with a yawn "yeah, not everyday we get to watch good boy on boy action"

Neverliska Klossovsky giggles and pokes Shay in the side as she nods her head

Nivea Vuckovic turns around and hisses at both 'I dont want neither of them hurt!' turns back and watches them struggle

Stryker Galaxy licks his lips, tasting the warm blood of the wolf as the fangs cut flesh. His moment is short live, as the the powerful beast rears back, driving him to the ground. The searing slash of claws rakes his face, blinding him across the left side. He reaches up, feeling the sickly mass of flesh dangling from the socket, it's orb now missing behind a loosely dangling lid. A terrible roar escapes his lips as he screams, lunging again for the wolf, squinting through one eye. "You want to hurt me?" he growls. "I am pain..." he drives his fist hard towards the jaw of the wolf.

DCS2 2.45.2: Stryker Galaxy rolls a magic dice: 4
DCS2 2.45.2: Bogac Aeghin rolls a magic dice: 1

Neverliska Klossovsky lifts her nose slightly to the air as she sniffs, scenting the blood and wagging her tail as her eyes started to get a slight red tint, her rage builting from the excitement from watching her brother shread the vamps face. "Ohh, this is goood..." She murrs out as she licks at Shay's neck, keeping her eyes on the males

Shaynee Xi growls deep within her chest "Neither do we, but we respect their chance to face each other. There must be a reason for this" watching as Stryker's eye is dislodged from its socket "oh...crap" she looks a little ill

Bogac Aeghin flies between Nivea and Stryker, with the speed of the movement he made, pressing his claws, he feels his left eye-orb pop out, feels the heat of the blood between his fingers, and he flies on his back, releasing the tension on his hands, roars back looking directly into his eyes, he knows what will happen after this, but he can not do anything against it, he welcomes the incoming fist by closing his eyes, and wrinkling his nose, feels the pain on his jaw, shakes his head and licks the blood on his lips, spits out a few broken teeth and jumps towards the eye orb after noticing it on the ground, he grabs it in his left hand, not waiting for the next move of the vampire, he quickly puts it in his pocket...

Nivea Vuckovic looks away as the eye pops out closes her eyes and tryes not to show disgust waits few moments looks back just in time to see the flying fist

Stryker Galaxy 's hand flashes to a hidden sheath beneath his cloak, the blade dancing as he spins it expertly in his palm, closing in on the wolf as he reaches down to claim his prize. "Tell Turlus to enjoy her prize" he sneers, his voice rising in a serpentlike hiss. He stands, staring down at the wolf kneeling to claim the eye. "I'll enjoy mine...should have done this the first time..." he growls, the silver blade slashing down and across as to rip at the chest of the great wolf.

DCS2 2.45.2: Stryker Galaxy rolls a magic dice: 2
DCS2 2.45.2: Bogac Aeghin rolls a magic dice: 4

Neverliska Klossovsky feels her eyes go fully red as she picks up the distint scent from the silver blade the vamp had drawn and she quickly moves to Shay's side as her hair all stood on end, a deep growl on her thoat as all her sharp teeth came into view.

Shaynee Xi tries to grab Nev's paw sensing something isn't right about this blade, Nev's actions confirming it "You'll be no good to help if he gets hit and you do too"

Neverliska Klossovsky looks down as she feels Shay's hand on her paw and she looks over at her, her eyes a bright red, her rage filling her up. She turns her head and looks back at the males, the deep growl still on her throat as she clenched her other paw into a fist. Yet she didn't move any closer, knowing better than to jump into a fight. But she wasn't going to calm down until she saw the blade out of the leech's hand.

Bogac Aeghin still bending on the ground, trying to balance himself to stand on his feet, he makes a stupid mistake, not looking at the vampire, he feels the tip of the blade on his chest just after he stands on his feet, and he realizes it's made of pure silver, gets rid of it, not being stabbed, blood starts to gush from his flesh with a little deep wound, wetting his grey shirt, down, leaving a dark stain on it, he growls back, "Villain, you will pay for this too!!!", he gathers all of his remaining strength and attempts to punch the vampire from the side of his head, trying to knock him down, he starts to feel the great pain of the silver blade on his chest growing more and more while throwing himself towards him, yells out with the effect of it "Graaaaaah!!!"

Nivea Vuckovic rushes to Constantine pulling him away from the two fighting

Stryker Galaxy the blow comes quickly, he scrambles to counter as he feels the dull smack against his temple. The last thing he feels before darkness descends on him is the sick thud of the wolf's jaw as he drives his fist towards it, his final blow wound up with his entire strength as he delivers it. He falls to the ground, it's cool darkness embracing him as consciousness fades.

Shaynee Xi looks at Nev "Grab him" she points to Bogac "get him aid quickly" she moves to Stryker's side looking down at both fallen males

Bogac Aeghin feels his own fist landing on the side of the head of the vampire, with a thick sound, at the same time, he feels a powerful blow on his head, knocking him out, closes his eyes slowly, and falls on the ground, next to the vampire

Neverliska Klossovsky growls as she jumps forward, over the leech as she kicked the silver blade out of his hand. "Destroy that, Shay..." She growled before placing a hand over Bog's wound on his chest, her paw already starting to glow silver as she eaisily lifted him with her other arm, her rage giving her more strength that what she normally had.

Shaynee Xi grabbing he silver blade as well as trying to pull Stryker up, taking a quick look around, she speaks quickly in a different tongue as fire drips from her fingertips Stryker rises quickly to his feet but only in a strange type of robotic movement to ease the strain of her tugging him along

Bogac Aeghin is not in a state to think anything, but he would be glad because he has the prize in his pocket, he slightly feels hands of Neverliska on his body, holding him, whimpers a little bit with pain

Neverliska Klossovsky lets out a small growl as the red in her eyes started to change to silver as her magic took over her as it tired to heal the wound, her magic fighting against the effects of the silver. Watching Shay dragging the leech off, Never started to walk back to the den with Bog, his body a lot taller than her's, so his feet drug on the ground as she went.

Neverliska Klossovsky sets Bog on the ground before running over to the pool and dipping her still glowing paws into it and whispering a few words. Pulling her paw back out, a small orb of water clug to her fur before she ran back over to Bog, ripping his torn shirt away from the stab mark and holding the water over the bloody wound. Whispering a few more words, the water gathered a small tint of gold to it before she started to slowly drip it into the wound, hoping to see if she at least stop the bleeding.

Bogac Aeghin continues to bleed, laying on the ground knocked out, blood wandering on his chest, spreading...when she starts dripping the water she blessed with magic, the cut starts to close, not letting the blood flow anymore from the wound, the bleeding stops...

Neverliska Klossovsky lifts her paw up once she thought enough of the gold tinted water had fallen into the wound. Letting out a low whistling sound, the gold in the water went away as she flicked her wrist at the trees next to her, the water splashing against the leaves. Reaching down into her pouch on her belt, she dug around for a bit before pulling out a small vial of cream and pulling some of it out with her finger. Pushing it down inside the wound, she smeared it around and then sat back and just watched, hopeing that that would at least stop the reaction from the silver, knowing that the wound would always be there.

Mta Nixdorf glances bog then at never frowns
Mta Nixdorf: who did this?

Neverliska Klossovsky looks up at Mta as she wipes the rest of the cream back into her vial before putting the top back on and then placing it back in her pouch. "The leech that cut off Turl's ear.... Bog managed to get his eye, but the pussy brought a silver blade into the fight. I managed to stop the bleeding, but he will always have a scar."

Mta Nixdorf frowns shakes his head we have his eyes you say?

Bogac Aeghin feels the cream spreading inside the wound, feeling the heat spreading all over his chest, still laying on the floor of the den, home, blood starts to dry on his chest...he whimpers a little with pain

Mta Nixdorf shakes his head no matter

Mta Nixdorf: he may want those back later

Mta Nixdorf cracks up laughing

Neverliska Klossovsky shakes her head as she looks down at Bog. "Just one.... It's in his pocket..." she says as she moves one of her paws over to cover Bog's eyes, her own closing as she whispers a few words, pushing her magic in through is eyes, temperarlly shutting down his pain receptors so that he didn't feel the pain.

Mta Nixdorf: anyting i can do to help nev?

Neverliska Klossovsky looks up at Mta and shakes her head again. "No, I think i got it for now.... I somewhat turned off his pain receptors in his brain, so that he doesn't feel his reaction to the silver. But he can't move yet, not for a while."

Bogac Aeghin feels the magic surrounding his body, and he doesn't feel the pain anymore, but still some weird dreams, with the effect of the silver blended in his blood a little, not a dose that can kill, but enough for nightmares

Mta Nixdorf nods quietly look of sadness in his eyes sits down on the terrace wall slumps forward sitting quietly

Neverliska Klossovsky sighs as she pushes herself to her feet and walks around Bog. "His feeling of no pain will only last a few hours.... Then it will hit him hard...." Flicking her tail slightly she flattens her ears. "Hope he is strong enough to deal with it until i can cover the feelings again." She whispers before walking over to the pool to wash her hands of cream she had used.

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