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Katrin's Runes for Her Path

Liliana Aluveaux collides with the door when Kat makes a sharp turn. "OW."

Bogac Aeghin sits on a pillow, feels comfy

Laluna Ansar laughs..

Liliana Aluveaux rubs her head and waits.

Laluna Ansar meeps.."Are you okay?!"

Liliana Aluveaux growls alittle. "Was the sickening thud something that sounded ok?!"

Laluna Ansar makes a rude face at her and huffs.
Laluna Ansar: I was only trying to be nice.

Bogac Aeghin stands up and lends his arm to Lia to find a pillow

Liliana Aluveaux since she is BLIND she cannot see it. However, taking in her tone, she nodded. " yeah sorry that really hurt."

Liliana Aluveaux smiles to Boggy and pats His arm. "To the tree?"

You: "Oh no, to the table and pillows"

Katrin walks in, still scratching her arm, this time a bit more fiercly 'Damn....' she walked around a bit nervously 'Shit... shit... shit... ' she mumbles

Liliana Aluveaux sighing, her ears drooped. "The book is there. We need to help her."

You: "Ah the book can wait Lia, better we deal with Katrin first"

Liliana Aluveaux grips Boggy's arm. "We NEED the book."

Laluna Ansar looks at Bog.."I think she needs that...well nevermind."

Neverliska Klossovsky tilts her head to the side as she walks in, wondering what was going on.

Laluna Ansar nods at Never.."Fixing Katrin."

Bogac Aeghin pats his head and leads her towards the tree, starts to throw others bags everywhere making them fly in the air searchign for a book "Monks, Usa's, Aary's, Lalu's, Mine...", grabs the bag back and puts it back "Ah Lia, yours, its here", hands her.

Katrin ggrowls and heads over to a wall and leans on ut, closing her blue eyes. She starts breathing a bit faster and growls a bit '...Not enough i can remember everything.... every detail.... but also this...'

Laluna Ansar walks over to Katrin...Are you alright?"

Neverliska Klossovsky tilts her head to the other side as she watches Bog, then looks over at Katrin. "Uh, what's wrong with her?"

Liliana Aluveaux sniffing the air, unseeing eyes began to widen. "Uh..... tell me what you see.... please..."

Laluna Ansar watches Katrin.."She's leaning against the wall breathing quickly..."

Liliana Aluveaux: Katrin.... can you sit down?

Katrin doesnt open her eyes 'Yeah... im fine.... it just burns....' she says, still gasping for air. She stops scratching her arms and seems to be almost in a sort of trance, going silent has shes sitting against the wall

Liliana Aluveaux holding onto her spell book, she let go of Boggy's arm. Walking blindly to Katrin, she managed to stop before she collided with the wall.

Laluna Ansar grimmaces and knees next to her.."Katrin..Whats wrong? Lia she looks...dazed.."

Liliana Aluveaux frowns deeply and kneels down, "Have her eyes changed colors?"

Laluna Ansar looks closely.."I dont know what color her eyes are normally.."

Liliana Aluveaux manages a laugh, "Oi vey."

Laluna Ansar shrugs even though its lost to Lia.."Sorry..I really don't kow her that well.."

Katrin opens her eyes slowly, have gonne from the light blue shade they usualy have into a purple tone. Her own hair tips start going almost a shade of violet also has she doesnt reply has of yet

Liliana Aluveaux nodding, she reached out, trying to find the runes on her arm.

Laluna Ansar looks again.."Wait..Lia..her eyes...Do you have any idea? They're purplish red right now.."

Liliana Aluveaux thinks a quick moment, "That is quite different. She smells different."

Bogac Aeghin watches the situation surprised and a little shakened "Lia, anything ican help...."

Laluna Ansar watches Katrin nervously.."What do you mean she SMELLS differnt.."

Neverliska Klossovsky flicks her tail as she walks up to them and stands next toLia as she looks down at Katrin, having noted the color change in her hair after she had come into the room. "What is going on here?"

Liliana Aluveaux tracing the runes upon her arm, she paled. "Uhm.... its either a curse or spell... She smells like raw magic."

Laluna Ansar scowls.."I don't like magic no offense...It creeps me out.. And I dont want to imagine what raw magic does."

Liliana Aluveaux motions Boggy closer, "Last time I smelled this was when I played with the book." Her tone held tone to remember the book she lost her sight.

Katrin whispers 'It burns.....' she looks a bit pale but slowly regains her normal awareness

Liliana Aluveaux as she kept on tracing the runes, she began to take deep breaths. Pushing away all around her, she gripped Katrin's arm almost painfully. In her mind, she was standing in front of the library of her knowledge. She held the book of the dead in front of her.

Laluna Ansar watches Lia with interest, trying to figure out how she's going to fix this.

You: "Ahhh Katrin, what did you poke your nose into sister", sighs "I hope its not something worse than that headache..."

Laluna Ansar pulls Never's tail and whispers.."Do you know anything about magic?"

Neverliska Klossovsky sighs and bends down in front of Katrin and moves her paw out to grab ahold of her chin and lift her face up so she could look right into her eyes. "Hopefully this won't hurt you..." She says as her eyes start to glow a bright silver color, her magic being called on. She pushes it out through her hand, sliding it over Katrin's skin, just above the magic that Lia had felt, testing it to see if it was a danger. Making sure to stay out of Lia's magic as she worked so as not to interupt her, she pushes her magic slowly into her eyes, trying to find what Kat was saying was burning.

Katrin looks at bog 'I've had this since i killed my own blood sister.... almost nine years ago'

Liliana Aluveaux leafing through the book in her mind's eye, the rune appeared on one of the pages. Snapping her head up, unseeing eyes met Katrin's, "Have you ever played with magic?"

Katrin rolls her eyes 'Slaying vampires for eight years.... who knows what could i have stumbled on.....I had the habbit of keeping remimders.... one of them was a book actualy.... a magic book i think.... similar to these marks in some writings... i dont know if they are related.... at all....'

Liliana Aluveaux releasing Katrin's arm, she reached for the spell book she dropped. "Sister.... have you ever been able to see things you shouldnt?"

Bogac Aeghin crosses his arms and taps on his bisceps for some time, frowns with Katrin's words, tries to remember the spells he knows, one by one, and the writings hw read when he was still a Zeta, then remembers a basic thing, and turns into his semi-lycan form, to let them compare his runes on his skin, though they more look like a tattoo on his skin...

Neverliska Klossovsky tightens her grip on Kat's chin as she forces her head back so she could look at her. "I know I have no clue what is going on, but you said something burned, what was it. I'll stop the pain while they figure out what is wrong with you." She growls, her magic still pushing inside of Kat's eyes, having not hit any kind of resistance.

Katrin nods 'Some things.... are hard to forget.... I have photographic memory... it is hard to forget details.... though.... sometimes i see.... things i dont believe are there... but i am not sure....' she turns to never 'The marks burn..... until ive stabilized... it taakes a while....'

Bogac Aeghin rips apart his jacket quickly, not bothering to take it off, sits on his knees to let them compare easily...asks "Do they look like mine?" curiously, raises his hands, whispering some magical words, makes them glow a little more...

Liliana Aluveaux finally, she sat down and smiled. "Sister.... does the air hold whisperings?"

Laluna Ansar gets wide eyed looking at Bog glowing and moves to stand beside Curios.

Neverliska Klossovsky nods her head as she only somewhat listens to Bog and Lia while she starts pulling her magic back out of her, lifting her other hand up to her mouth to bite at the skin on her thumb, her sharp canine teeth easily breaking the skin. "Here, this will make it stop until it stops on it's own. Should last for a few hours at least." She says as she moves her now bloody thumb up to Kat's lips and trails it along the lower lip. Once pulling her hand away, her magic pushed through her hand again and once it came in contact with Never's blood she had left on her, it soaked into Kat's skin as if it was never there.

Katrin sights a bit 'I can hear my family.... voices.... whispers.... im never sure....' she reaches for the notebook she allways haves with her and flips it open to a page, one of her drawings 'I drew this... in dont know from where..... some sort of voices told me what to draw....' she looks at bogac 'Not exactlylike yours.... somewhat simi.lar...' the drawing show's almost an altar of fire, the image almost alive due to the colors of it

Liliana Aluveaux sniffing the book, she nodded. "Sister... I think your path has been chosen for you..." She sounded like a proud older sister.

Neverliska Klossovsky pushes herself to her feet, her eyes loosing their glow to it as she looks down at Kat, being able to see a faint flow of silver on her lower lip from where she had pushed her magic in. Looking down at Lia, and sure that she knew what she was doing, she turns and walks over to a pillow and sat down. She didn't know much about spells and curses. Her magic healed and stopped pain, and put on a light show every now and then. But that was about it.

Katrin raises a brow at Lia's words, slightly confused 'W-what....?'

Bogac Aeghin closes his eyes and gives out the deep breath he took "Ahhh, nevermind then...They can be your path marks indeed", decides not to tell the whole story, turns to Never and Lia glad theya re here to help her

Liliana Aluveaux clapping Kat on the shoulder, she beemed, "You have been given your powers."

Katrin sights and looks down at the floor 'I do not know how to control them.... or what they do.....'

Bogac Aeghin nods Lia, still sitting on his knees, wants to be sure "Are you sure Lia? We can not risk it...", scratches his chest with an urgent feeling..."She may not be ready for it, and you know, if you can't control the power, it only harms you, even its for healing..."

Hilary McDonnell: '' hi all ''

Liliana Aluveaux: Guills is who you need. I am no teacher. Well then my Beta, it is our job as her family to help her. The marks, the eye changes.... the hair.... its the last thing I read before y sight was lost.

Bogac Aeghin raises his head with Hil's sound, nods and turns back to Katrin on the floor, asks to her "Still hurts? Or was it helpful? The spell Never made i mean..."

Liliana Aluveaux standing up, she dusted off her sari. "It will hurt until you find inner peace."

Katrin nods slightly 'It helped a bit....'

Hilary McDonnell sighs and drops down next to Neverliska

Neverliska Klossovsky smiles over at Hilary and nods her head

Hilary McDonnell smiles back to Neverliska

Bogac Aeghin closes his eyes, after looking at her runes, concentrates on them, imagining them in his mind, opens his arms wide, then makes his hands touch each other by closing them in front, whispers the magical words to ease her pain a little bit more, and for a bit longer, finally blows towards her, opens his eyes, hopes it will be succesful, though he made this spell lots of times on other pack members when they are wounded or hurt...

Hilary McDonnell pull the Barrel with the swords of her back an drops it next to her on the ground

Katrin leans on the wall, slightly relieved '...what have i gotten myself into....' she whispers, slightly upset about it all

Liliana Aluveaux extending a hand to Kat, she could not stop smiling. "Do not be foolish like I, do not try to get rid of it."

Liliana Aluveaux pointing to her eyes, missing irises and pupils. Those who awarded you abilities do not like when you try to get rid of them.

Katrin stands up slowly by taking Lia's hand to help her up '...I'm not that foolish....'

Liliana Aluveaux grins and then releases her hand. "Good."

Bogac Aeghin finally smiles at her, trying to look directly in her eyes...and starts to explain, "You have been gifted Katrin, nothing wrong with that, like Lia, Never, Aary, me, Hils...And you are given your path, just gladly welcome it to your life, and then you will find the peace inside you, you are gifted to heal, or hurt, you will choose your methods, and the direction you will look, using them for helping others, or using them giving harm, but don't worry, both of them are needed from time to time, and our, shaman's powers can never be underestimated...", stands up smiling

Katrin reaches diwn to her skeetchbook and closes it 'Better keep this safe.....'

Liliana Aluveaux rubbing her eyes, which were sore from digging deep into her memory, burned slightly. "Burning is part of it. Learning what to control it is your individual path. Mine was the love of family."

Neverliska Klossovsky pushes herself to her feet and sighs. "I'm bored... I wanna go find some trouble... Anyone wanna join me and actually do the causing trouble part?"

Katrin nods at Bogac and then looks down at herself and her skinny ripped mini dress 'I think i need to change......'

Hilary McDonnell sighs '' welcome to the club Never, im also bored '' she yawns ans streches her arms

Liliana Aluveaux handing over her drape Kat could cover herself, she nodded. "DO you have clothes here?"

Bogac Aeghin growls at Never and Hils "Go hunt then, we are all starving here, and Lalu, you are going with them!"

Neverliska Klossovsky moves her foot over and pushes on the back of Hilary's head. "Lets go do something then. Or we could go visit other groups and see what they up ta."

You: "Or you can both hunt food and info, better this way i think", smiles

Hilary McDonnell looks up to NeverLiska '' mm yeah good idea ''

Neverliska Klossovsky looks over at Lalu. "Hunt?"

Laluna Ansar shakes her head..."No thanks.."

Neverliska Klossovsky shakes her head and then looks at Hilary. "Well, lets go." She says before wlaking to the balcony and jumping off

Katrin points to her bag across the room 'Yeah i have my bag over there' she says and refuses Lia's drape gently 'No thanks, im just heading to the hotel and change quickly, ill be right back'

Liliana Aluveaux nods and slides her drape back on.

Laluna Ansar stares a bit at Bog.."So uhm...How long have you had those?"

Katrin walks over to her bag and then heads out the balcony 'Ill be right back guys!' she giggles

Bogac Aeghin walks towards Lalu and answers "For a long time, but they are not seen in human form, succesfully concealed by a tattoo, but you can see it if you look really careful"

Laluna Ansar shakes her head.."I will never understand shamans will I?"

Liliana Aluveaux dropping down heavily upon the cushion, she wrapped herself up and closed her eyes.

Bogac Aeghin shrugs "You don't have to Lalu, you are given your your traits for your path...for a fighters path", starts to give a conference about it..."Your loyalty was doubled when you were young, and you have better nose compared to ours, and keen senses better than us, shamans, and ears, which can hear even from miles away, and your body is tougher than us, twice..."

Laluna Ansar giggles.."Is that why I last longer than you?"

Bogac Aeghin opens his eyes and asks "Ahh, last?"

Laluna Ansar shakes her head.."Never mind hun.."

Bogac Aeghin grins and shakes his head, sitting on the pillow...

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