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Spring Equinox Ritual and Party

It's Spring Equinox and The Coven organised a party, and performed a ritual at the beach of South Toxia, here is the ritual...

SilverLeaf Zabaleta nods to Alexis to begin

Alexis Haroldsen faces everyone in the circle before he starts to concentrate and closes his eyes.. he raises his hand up to the sky and opens his eyes again which turned black as the midnight sky and with an hypnotic voice he starts to summon "Hail to the spirits of the watch towers to the east, “I call upon the element of air....

Alexis Haroldsen speaks further "With gentle breath, storm and wind, now blessed be will all our kind, with lightning , thunders and cool breath ,with eddy wind and clouds like towers I call upon the ether now , come and be with us. life it breaths floats and lives, the breath of air, now it gives. " he lowers his arms and nods to Pix indicating that he is done.

SilverLeaf Zabaleta looks to Maykko

Maykko Ryba raises his arms towards the heavens, as he does so the air temperature rises quickly to the slight discomfort to all in attendance....

Pix Cazalet looks to Silver and coughs as she hovers lightly

Maykko Ryba closing his eyes, a column of fire rises to 20 feet above his head...

Maykko Ryba intones... "Hail to the spirits of the Watch towers of the south, I call upon the element of fire...!"

Bogac Aeghin watches the ritual with his arms crossed in front

Maykko Ryba slowly open his eyes as his last words leave his mouth, the fire raging one last time before extinguishing... "We need you your help, your blessings and you magic."

Maykko Ryba with his eyes still closed, head bowed slightly... Shine your warmth and gentle light upon our faces once more. Let your fierce torrents of flame break through the darkness."

Maykko Ryba nods to itzi

SilverLeaf Zabaleta faces Izti

Itzi Aichi nods and...

Itzi Aichi: Hail to the Guardians of the Watchtowers of the west, I call upon the element of Water, You are the life giver, let your grace and flourishing mousture bring life and love to this cirle. Like the fish on a long journey, returning to its home, Be with us now, lend us your stregnth. We need your help, your blessings and your magic.

SilverLeaf Zabaleta turns to Jaco

Jaco Guisse closes his eyes, his body glowing the color of freshly budded spring leaves, while raising his hands and reaching out spiritually to the earth.

Jaco Guisse opens his eyes, a natural earthy warmth eminating from them, Hail to the Guardians of the Watchtowers of the North, I call upon the element of Earth, You are the Mother that holds us, come, creatures of the wood, Bear in your mighty roar come be with us now.."

Jaco Guisse feels the life of the earth and those around as he continues, "Keep us grounded in you, help us to know where home is. We need your help, your blessings and your magic.." His voice fading as he bows his head, giving a small nod to Pix, Jaco bring his arms behind him, a smile on his face.

Pix Cazalet takes a deep breath in and smiles around before saying softly ""Hail to the Guardians of the Watchtowers of the inner world. We call to Spirit to be with us this day. May the blood of our Ancestors help to guide us and the voice of our inheritors waiting to be born lead us into the future. I call upon the inner wisdom, the soft nature of loving kindness. Be with us here in toxia today, help us by offering us your blessings and your magic."

Pix Cazalet raises up her hands, winking to Silver

SilverLeaf Zabaleta: "The Circle is cast." a pulse of green light is cast from the center of the pentecal, it shines as if a dome covers the whole of those presant and than fades from sight. She flashes a billiant smile, turning in a circle and meeting the eyes of all in attendance. "Welcome, my friends." holding her arms out, palms forward.

SilverLeaf Zabaleta looks to those around her, a kind smile in her eyes. "It is a day of balance. Tonight the forces of dark and light are of equal meassure. By the light of the dawn, the light will hold sway in the lands for many moons, a time of fertility, prosperity and warmth is now here."

SilverLeaf Zabaleta: "Farewell to the wintery spirits, we shall meet again. Thank you for your beauty and slumber. Thank you for the falling snow that blanketed the earth. Thank you for reminding us to cling to one another for warmth and comfort. Merry meet and merry part and merry meet again."

SilverLeaf Zabaleta: "We speak in one voice to the Universe and thank you for this time of plenty. Although the flesh ages and time passes, it is you that shows us that you are a constant in our lives. It is you who brings life to these lands, you who shines your warmth upon us, you whom. no matter the bitter cold in the air, will wake the smallest seed from its slumber to grow once more."

SilverLeaf Zabaleta: "May you bless us with your sunlight, abundant blessings and your love in this time of light. Blessed Be my beautiful Goddess, come and be with us on this most sacred day of Ostara. Today we declare a day of Peace as we celebrate." she turns motioning to Calleigh and Pieter. "The Goddess and The God. Welcome, may you shine your favor upon us."

SilverLeaf Zabaleta: "Come earth and ash, come wing and feather, come fire and flame, come rain and steam, come Goddess and Gods, come Friends and lovers. Dance and sing and frolic and laugh. We invite you all to be apart of this sacred space. Come in perfect love and in perfect tust. Come help us to show this City what the spirit of true celebration means. "

And people started to party, dancing and getting drunk whole day...

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