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The Pack

My honourable family, my brothers and sisters, they are all COOL to rp with...I am happy 24/7 in Tox with them!

  We are the Pack and we are strong, not because of one but for us all standing together! We are tight. We are family. In this hostile city of Toxia we will not fall, but rise up and be proud of what we are! Believe us when we say that we will do our best to keep what we have and protect each other till the end. All of us are in the same hell and in this together, so NO ONE will stand alone, but all of us as one.

Dagon Case Closed

So now the Dagon case closed, The High priest of Cthulhun was beaten by the High Priest of Dagon, then Cthulhu himself raise and swallowed Dagon Priest at the barge, at South Toxia, now we are safe...I wonder really are we?...

20 Şubat 2009 Cuma

Talking with Cal at Voodoo Shop

Calleigh Constantine smiless for a moment and perks up again seeing Bogac, "Ah, Bogac, nice to see you."

Bogac Aeghin steps inside the shop, pushing half open door a little...he narrows his eyes to get used to the low light inside, turns left and sees Cal sitting on a chair by the table "Nice to see you too Cal, can i have a seat too?"

Calleigh Constantine nods, "By all means, make yourself comfortable my wolf friend."

Bogac Aeghin sits down on the chair, dropping his heavy body on it, "Thanks", he says and continues "This thing is going crazy Cal, and we seem to cross our arms and wait for the worst coming, without being able to do anything, I know you have tried, but didn't work..."

Calleigh Constantine sighs heavily, dropping her gaze, "I have tried my theory about trying to freeze the goo when I could-- didn't work out so well, had to basically drag myself back to the shop to heal. Those things, from what I can tell... we can't take out, physically or magically."

Bogac Aeghin nods as he listens Cal speaking "I know, though i can cut it into two to get past -tried that at the goo on churchs door- I myself can not completely lift the goo by magic, nor make it uneffective...but an idea came to my mind, also i have talked with Pix today about it, but I wanted to learn your idea too..", he taps his fingers on the sides of the leather couch, then lifts his mask a little above her nose...

Calleigh Constantine blinks, "I watched an elder Vampire try and get past it and was killed,." She runs her fingers through her hair ducking her head in thought as she began to murmur, "What was your idea? As of right now.. I'm running out how to fight the goo or either sides of our visitors."

Shayna Senne: Knock knock

Calleigh Constantine blinks and looks over for a moment, "Hellos.."

Bogac Aeghin makes a serious face and pauses a little to think..."A vampire? Glad to mother nature i am way strong then an elder vampire, and donated with such pysical strength, accompanied by protective and healing magical skills, though i lack of harming ones...", he flashes a smile suddenly "I also saw Pix wounded at the church after she tried to get past the goo at the door...", he crosses one leg over other and leans forward a little, then continues in a way quiet voice "I have an idea...We know who they are...black robed priests are Dagonites, how you call them...shadowmen? Dark traveller?", pauses and continues "And the colorful ones are Cthulhu priests...", stops and nods Shayna

Shayna Senne: I was talking to a Kitten earlier, but I can come back later
Shayna Senne nuzzles Bo and walks off

Calleigh Constantine nods, musing she meant Elroy, "Alright... take care miss." She looks to Bogac and nods slowly, "Yes Shadowmen... hell I tried to get into the church, and I'm probably one of the closest things to being part of the planet... I got nearly killed."

Bogac Aeghin avoids the nose of the kitty, and he is glad she went, turns and continues to talk..."I know, I just saw that shadowmen attacking two kitties...and I have just been glad i have left your meeting that they, and i will still say, I will not be in something leaded my them...", changes his stance a little because he feels his tail is stuck in the coach..."I think...if we can trap and catch one of them, we can have more information about how to stop this madness, but i am not sure we can stop them with physical attacks..."

Calleigh Constantine mutters, "Thats the problem: catching one. We could try the portals but it's tricking them into running into it..." Trails off for a moment, eyes sparking in thought, "Alright, I got a new plan for us. You know the portals? Why don't we get these guys into a fight with us, the fastest runners, and have them chase them around, and in the confusion, right into the portals. If my theory is right... their traps set by the Chtulhu!"

Pix Cazalet: Greetings again people

Calleigh Constantine glances back and nods to Pix, "Hey Pix."

Bogac Aeghin nods "That can be useful for us, but are you sure that portals will work? Because i saw them near the portals, and nothing happened, also they don't seem to be afraid of them too much", pauses as he remembers something..."Oh and enlightened by the recent reports i get from my family scouts and other members...The other ones...I mean other priests, of Cthulhu, maybe they can help us with this...But i am not sure where we can find them...They seems like apperar and puff, go...", pauses and nods Pix "Hey Pix"

Pix Cazalet tilts her head trying to make sense of the conversation

Calleigh Constantine leans back slightly in the chair, tipping it as she rests her hands behind her head, "Ideas how to capture one of the Shadowmen..." She looks back across to Bogac, smirking deviously, "Right, near, but have you ever seen one of them IN a circle yet?"

Pix Cazalet: May I ask why we're capturing a shadowman?

Calleigh Constantine: "Because they've out right began to attack people, including our own... something's up, they've never done that before.

Bogac Aeghin shakes his head "No Cal, you are right, i didn't see", turns to Pix "To get information, and stop them attacking to people, i just saw two of them attacking people physically Pix, not draining, attacking..."

Pix Cazalet: Who did they attack?

Bogac Aeghin: "Malinda and Elroy..."

Calleigh Constantine: Elroy and Malinda, not too long ago. It was Quiet and Pieter... if you could even call 'em that.

Pix Cazalet: Where is Elroy now?

Bogac Aeghin waits silently for Cal's answer

Calleigh Constantine: "She's resting in the back, Karen was taking care of her."

Pix Cazalet says quietly "have you spoken to her of the incident. As I recall Malinda has been provoking the shadowmen"

Calleigh Constantine shakes her head, murmuring, "No.. they didn't prevoke this time. They actually tracked the girls down."

Pix Cazalet nods and walks to the back "I'm going to talk to Elroy"

Bogac Aeghin shrugs "I don't know Pix, i have just saw them attacking, and draining power from them same way they did before", turns to Cal again "I don't want to take your time too much Cal, mine is just an idea, because we have to do something, i don't like the idea of sitting like this doing nothing...", stands up and gets ready to go

Calleigh Constantine nods as she taps her chin, murmuring, "I'm going to try my idea. They attacked one of my own, not to mention feeding from my home. It's unaccptable." She nods to him, "I will tell you how it works when I see you again, if I can track one down."

Bogac Aeghin nods politely "Thanks Cal, they have past the thin line with attacking one of us from the city, i will make my family know this also, for them to be prepared for the attacks...", bows his had and walks towards the door, then turns back "Take care Cal, see you soon, you know how to find me, if you have a result...."

Calleigh Constantine nods, "Take care Bogac, safe paths my friend."

Bogac Aeghin nods and walks out...

Talking with Pix, about Dagon and Cthulhu

Bogac Aeghin bows "Oh how are you Pix?", he recalls she doesn't want to be called Miss or Ms. "It's nice to see you"

Pix Cazalet: You too Bo, all well your side of town?

Bogac Aeghin nods "Yes, just annoyed by a dark traveller yesterday, nothing more, i wonder why they keep bugging people, one of them said they can grant wishes, but i am not sure"

Pix Cazalet raises a brow "a dark traveller? First I've heard of one"

Bogac Aeghin: "Yes, enlightened with reports from the members of my family, i mean black robed priests, it seems like they can travel from body to body, means, Quite, Nikita and Pieter...they are not the ones we know in normal..."

Pix Cazalet smirks "well in the case of Nikita and Pieter, these might seem better than the original"

Bogac Aeghin flashes a wide smile to the joke "Oh, maybe, maybe worse..." crosses his arms "I wonder what we can do with them, catching one can give use really good information i think, but how? Thats the question...Physical force do not seem to effect them, but your magic? That can be an answer for our common cause", he stops walking back and forth like a tribal warrior, and puts his hands in his pocket, feels a tape he forgot in his pocket

Bogac Aeghin taps his left hand finger on his belly, and waits for Pix's answer...

Pix Cazalet shrugs "guess we could try magic"
Pix Cazalet: They're powerful though, I wonder if it would be effective

Bogac Aeghin nods "That's what i am afraid to ask too"

Pix Cazalet frowns "might be worth a try but....." sighs loudly

Pix Cazalet: Have you learned any more?

Bogac Aeghin: "But there may be a way to prison them, or better convince them to tell something to stop this madness, before the people in Toxia falls apart, seperates and fights each other for foul gods"

Bogac Aeghin nods "Colorful priests are working for Cthulhu, and black ones are working for Dagon, both sides are trying to recruit for a war, thats all i know"

Pix Cazalet: That's what I don't understand. What's got into people to believe that fighting is necessary

Bogac Aeghin: "Maybe magic, maybe offers, money, power, fun", shrugs "You know people are too much into fighting, and they are easily provoked in Toxia Pix", says with a serious face "I am sure someone can find people who would fight without any reason in this city, without any effort"

Pix Cazalet nods sadly "in this case they don't seem to think carefully about what they're fighting or even whether it will do any good"

Bogac Aeghin shakes his head a little for nothing, then taps his fingers on his jaw beard on his chin, then rubs them to his hair, like trying to give it a little style "We still don't have a solution which can lead us to victory against this things Pix, that is what annoyes me, we are not even one step forward from the first step, we are not doing anything for this cause", he raises his left hand as a fist "That grows the rage inside me, sitting on my butt, without being able to do nothing, without a fight!"

Pix Cazalet nods "I know just how you feel Bo, but I'm not sending mine to fight something without being aware of what we're fighting and why"

Bogac Aeghin raises an eyebrow and lowers his mask a little to be able to breath easily, because he feels a little congested "I know Pix, though we are much of a fighter type, and most of the time get into fights without estimating the power of the opponent, i can understand what you mean, but there must be a way to do it, with force, with magic, or with only pure wish...We have to ask the right questions, to be able to reach the solution, and the right question is 'How' i think in this matter..."

Pix Cazalet nods in agreement "how do we defeat two mighty opponents?"

Bogac Aeghin puts his hand back confidently "Waiting one to defeat other, then we can destroy the victorious one", sighs "Pix, I think there is a point you miss...", pauses a little to gather the right words "You see those priests? I mean black ones, they can 'drain' energy from someone...Think, If Dagon can give them this skill, he has to 'have' that skill too...So if it beats Cthulhu, Dagon will sure drain all the energy it has, and be twice powerful of before, and we will have to fight against it by ourselves, or be eaten by it, mentally or physically..."

Pix Cazalet throws up her hands in frustration "I don't have the answer Bo, but it seems to me that neither does anyone else. "

Bogac Aeghin shrugs "Forgive me Pix, maybe i have annoyed you, but these are my thoughts...I can be misleaded maybe...see you later"