26 Nisan 2009 Pazar

Alone In The Dark..(IC)

I'm wandering in the streets of Toxia...The city of all kinds of sin...I'm alone, on my own...I left the pack, then hung out at the library with Illuminati for some time, then I got bored of reading books all day, now I'm trying to decide what to do next...I feel like I'm burnt out, totally...and tired of everything

I hear gunshots coming from near Haven, and the sound of breaking glass, turning my head towards there with instincts, grabbing the handle of my chainsword, and hearing a werewolf kin howling at the same time....Then after being sure there isn't any threat for me, I continue my tour in streets of Toxia, I'm passing the cinema, and heading to south...

Wandering a little at south, passing from Garage of Ryders, K-Tox Building, and The Pit, and Arena, then Voodoo Shop, and Fish Co, and finally starting to climb the stairs of the Tower, to be alone and think about the things...The best place to watch Toxia at this time of the day...A few words come out from my lips, nearly whispering, "I love this city..."

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